Services we offer

The Dreaming a New Dream Programs offered by Dr. James and Leslie Golden are unique in their intention and presentation. The programs are designed to facilitate a direct experience of the spiritual Reality behind the teachings in each participant. Drawing on their many years of combined spiritual experience and study with some of the deepest and most profound teachers of our time, James and Leslie are able to not only share the very best of all that they have encountered on their path; they are able to create a sacred and energetic environment where the reality of the teachings become experientially evident and emotionally tangible to those who are participating in the program.

For a current schedule of our programs please visit our home page. To find out more about the content of our retreats and workshops please see the "find out more" section of this web page.

  • Weekend Retreats

    We all have the desire to live our daily lives in the full awareness of our true spiritual nature as free beings and in a genuine experience of communion with God. Many people have become disappointed in their spiritual quest for this goal thinking that it is not really possible for every day people who live in the world. The truth is just the opposite. Living in the world of relationships, work, business, daily commitments and responsibilities and the desire for a fulfilling and enjoyable worldly life is not in conflict with our desire to be truly free and fulfilled. In fact our daily lives provide endless possibilities for the re-discovery of what is eternally true and real in us, others and the world. It is not other people or the world which stops us from being fully awake, alive and free; it is our own inner attitude. The mindful practical application of our spiritual knowledge supported by our own personal spiritual practice shows us a way to live in the world so that our daily living provides us with the most direct route for discovery the limited attitudes that steal our freedom and joy. The intent of the retreat experience is to support those who attend in renewing their spiritual enthusiasm for realizing the true Self and refreshing their understanding of just how they can accomplish this while living a life of happiness, love, fulfillment and joy.

    I have done this retreat several times and each time my heart opens wider allowing me to see the Divinity within myself and others. The teachings and experiences during the retreat help me to merge Absolute Truth with the realities of daily life...truly a gift for my soul!

    Donna McCullough, PhD Clinical Psychologist

  • Workshops

    As seekers on the spiritual path we are very familiar with the understanding that within each of us there is an inner Presence and Intelligence that is our true Self; God in us as us. Yet all too often we may not be in the direct experience of this truth. The purpose of the workshop experience is to support each one who attends in deepening their direct personal experience of this Inner Presence so that we can refresh and deepen our commitment to our spiritual goals and the practices that allow us to open ourselves to the deeper levels of our Being.

    To find out more about some of the workshops that are available you can download a flyer (in PDF format) by clicking here.

  • Sunday Lessons

    Sunday lessons are a vital part of the Sangha (spiritual community) and truly support us all in remembering to live from our deepest spiritual values.

  • Sacred Journeys

    Leslie & James are dreaming about the many possibilities that open to us when we travel to different sacred sites around the world with the intention of deepening our own spiritual understanding while immersing ourselves in various spiritual traditions and cultures.